How to prepare for your Bike Ride?

Autumn, a season suitable for cycling that is not hot or cold. Are you still at home watching TV and have not going out for a cycling? Don't wasting time, let's go out to have good view in Autumn. But do you know the preparation before the riding ? Don't worry,  follow below instruction.

1. Inspect your bicycle carefully

The bicycle parts should be inspected carefully before departure, and to see which parts appear to be loosen or something is wrong, and find out the different.

2, Check the brake

Check the sensitivity of the front and rear wheel brakes, try to pull the brake to see if  it is goes smoothly. By the way, check the brake pads if it is worn or have something in it. 

3, Check the tires
Check the pressure of the tires carefully, you could press the tires, or maybe you could sit on the bike to see the surface of length between the tire and the ground. Also remember to check if it has any scratches, wear, or something objects such as nail glass in tires.

4, Check the chain

Check if the chain is moving smoothly, because the road conditions are unpredictable during the cycling. Especially in the competition, the riding strength will be much larger than usual. If the chain has hidden dangers, it is easy to break the chain during the game, and will leading to a safety accident.

5, Check front and rear wheels

Rap the front wheel to see if the wheel is loose. If the front wheel is loose,  it may cause very serious injury to the rider because of the wheel dropped or puncture.

6, Check the helmet

It is very important to wear helmet whether you ride a long-distance or short-distance cycling , you must wear it. If you want to ride long distances, bring your bicycle equipment, cycling accessories, daily life items, clothing items, digital items, medicines, and repair parts and tools.  

7, Do warm-up exercise
It is best to do 5-10 minutes low-intensity warm-up exercise before formal training. Preparing activities can reduce the consumption of the cardiovascular system and blood supply system of the body, which is beneficial to relieve fatigue as soon as possible after exercise.

8, psychological preparation

If you are riding long distances, you need to inform your family or friends about your riding plan in advance. At last, keep a happy mood, and let's go out for wonderful cycling!

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